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Stalk Toss Registration Form

If you wish to participate in every Hunt Stalk Tosses for every National an Regional Reserves that we publish in "Hunt areas and species", fill next form and click "Send form". Then, send your escaned Identity Card to and we will contact you as soon as possible. You also can print the form, fill it and send it escaned to

1. Hunter:

Name: Surname: D.N.I.

Hunter: Spanish Resident Foreigner Foreigner

Address: City: Postal Code:

Province: Telephone: Fax:


2. Prices

First Year (registration) 80 euros

3. Payment way

a) Deposit or transfer to the bank account:



Once you've made the transfer, you must send the receipt to Until we receive it, Infocaza won't start managing your documentation.

b) Cash, with agreement with INFOCAZA, S.L.


Every registered hunter, will receive all the info about Reserves he is participating in, and which dates will be the tosses done corresponding each asked hunt.

Necessary documentation is:

Escanned or photocopied Id Card
Hunters interested in participate in Extremadura toss: photocopy of into effect Extremadura license.
To get in Asturias toss: have into effect Asturias license.
Hunters resident in Cataluña and Aragon, to get in the toss as autonomous should send their legal registration card.

With the sending of the form and requested documentation, and once the price is paid, you autorize Infocaza S.L., to make by your name every document tramitations to get in the tosses you required.


R. Brena & Asociados
Telephone and Fax: 91 4318046