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Hunting Parties

Reference ESP031

This year with more illusion, we do again our hunting parties action. We organize six days during 3 weekends. After past years experience we've focused the actions differently searching for increasing the quality.

As a novelty we will assist 2 days to Valero, one of the most beautiful properties in Spain, with more tradition and in which every hunter should go at least once in his life. It's also a novelty to hunt in a fenced-in property (open of wild boars), but we think that having more than 3.400Has., it fits perfect in the group's philosophy. Its areas are beautiful and the management has built ground slopes between most of the shooting places.There are many deers with the chance of killing some good or very good ones and if we are lucky we will have a good day of wild boars.
For the very first time, we will hunt during a January weekend.
Next, we have the 2 hunting parties in Herguijuela, Tejoneras and Albarizas. El Guijo owns a lot of beasts and a very funny day in El Mingazo.
Unfortunately, the price has increased fromlast year but it worths because of the improvement.
Complete action: 3.800€ (1.000€ for reservation and the rest in September). There will be maximum 35 members.

October, 10th and 11th 2015

EL GUIJO, Sierra de San Pedro, (Cáceres). Quote: 4 deers and 3 hinds. It has any wild boars but not too much because of the beast excess. Last year, 60 deers, 70 hinds and 6 wild boars were hunted, a normal result in this property.

LA HERGUIJUELA,(Tejoneras), Plasencia, (Cáceres). Part of the shady spot of Herguijuela. Deers, hinds and wild boars are shooted without quote. Normal hunt is 20 deers, 30 hinds and 15 wild boars.

November, 21st and 22nd 2015

VALERO, Torrejón el rubio, (Cáceres).  In these dates, it is the area with more animals to hunt. Quote: 3 deers during two days in Valero, wild boars without limit and some hinds.

LA HERGUIJUELA,(Albarizas), Plasencia, (Cáceres). Part of the shady spot of Herguijuela. Deers and wild boars are shooted without quote, also some hinds. Wild boars are always in unknown quantity, but there are a lot in the area.

January, 9th and 10th 2016

VALERO, Torrejón el rubio, (Cáceres). Second day inside Valero. Area to be assigned.
Quote: 3 deers along the two days in Valero, wild boars without limit and some hinds.

, Malpartida de Plasencia, Cáceres.
It isadjacent to Monfragüe Park. Very funny hunting party with a large density of beasts. It uses to have some wild boars. Last season we hunted 30 deers, 12 wild boars and 65 hinds.

If you are interested in doing this action of 6 hunting parties, fill next form and we will contact you as soon as possible:
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R. Brena & Asociados
Telephone and Fax: 91 4318046