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Hunting Information and Promotion

This Spanish hunting organization, established in 1998, has the main objetive of reaching any corner along the world;
so that every hunter could find in just a few minutes all the hunting offers both in Spain
or in other countries with attractive hunting programs. With experience, toughness and seriousness,
we will take away through Internet the information needed for practice the sportive hunting around the world. 
So we present a varied, balanced and traditional piece of hunting information,
where you may find that project, the one we have been thinking out for a long time and now it is possible to come true.
It is a great pleasure to impulse the project with success offering you all the hunting programs
such as hunting parties and stalks in Spain, Safaris in the best reserves of Africa
and specialised hunting in Asia, America and Oceania.  We invite you to dive throughout our information,
with the aim of satisfying your needs; putting at your disposal all our efforts.

The Manager

Season 2015-2016
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Roebuck hunted this month
in Guadalajara state with Infocaza

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