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Stalk Toss

This is a hunt kind managed by State owned organisms. A "lottery" where every interested hunter can participate.
You are supposed to hunt in dream places with excellent hunting possibilities and get the best hunting trophies for the lower prices.
It is the only way to access some hunting paradises, giving the hunter great satisfaction.

To take part in them, it is necessary to send the corresponding form to the different bodies: Autonomous Goverments,National Parks, Social hunting preserves, town halls,...

In spite of the variety of dates, places, requirements and forms to get into the Stalk toss, from Infocaza, we assure our clients they will be present in all of them. Get into the raffles has next benefits:

1. It is the only way to hunt in some National Reserves.
2. The price for this Stalks is lows 75% than the regular one.
3. You first pay just a small amount and the rest, just in case the catch is dejected.
4. You don´t have any obligation if you are not interested in the catch awarded.

Besides, we are able to manage hunt license, gun license and their home inspection. Click here.

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